Auto Parts Industry

Auto Parts Industry

Program Overview

At present, 50~70% of auto parts in developed industrial countries in Europe and America use laser processing technology.

Mainly include: laser cutting and laser welding (about 60%), laser drilling and marking (about 19%), laser surface treatment and research and development (about 15%).

In recent years, laser technology in my country's automobile industry has gradually received attention and promotion, and has shown a rising trend in project development and economic benefits.

While the global automotive intelligence process is accelerating, advanced technologies represented by laser technology are constantly promoting the upgrading of the automotive manufacturing industry.

Mainly for the processing and production of automobile bodies, automobile parts, automobile panels, automobile trunks, automobile roof covers, etc.


Typical Application

In the field of consumer electronics, common laser applications include: laser precision marking, laser drilling, laser welding, laser surface treatment (removal of anode layer), laser cutting, laser deep engraving


Laser fine marking of automobile tires


Auto metal parts cutting


Welding of automobile gears


● Auto parts LOGO, serial number, production date, shift code, trademark.

● Fine cutting of door, body, chassis, etc., auto laser cutting of automobile gear shift cover.

● Chassis welding, laser welding of automobile roof, laser welding of automobile plates, laser welding of sensors.

● Car glass, car door handle mounting hole, car bumper laser opening

Customer revenue

1. Improve the functionality and style of the car:

The high degree of flexibility can realize the intelligentization of automobile manufacturing, resulting in more changes in automobile styles and designs.

2. Improve the overall performance of the car:

The high-quality integration of laser technology and modern automobile manufacturing has been realized, and the structural strength, quality and dimensional accuracy of the automobile have been improved.

3. Satisfy various processing needs of automobiles:
Modular design and technical characteristics of innovative technology make it extremely flexible and able to meet the diverse processing needs of automobile manufacturing.

4. Reduce automobile production costs:

Reduce automobile processing procedures, reduce automobile assembly costs, and realize the low cost of modern automobile manufacturing.

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