Researching & teaching Field

Researching & teaching Field

Program Overview

Through continuous innovation,Chanxan Laser has emtered many scientific research institutions and universities with various equipment to explore new laser techology together and cultivate new laser talents.The institutions that have successfully cooperated include the institute of Micro-Matter of  the Chinese Academy of Sciences,Peking University,Nanjing Aeronautical University,SuZhou University.Chanxan has created an example of school-enterprise cooperation with more than dozens of domestic first-class institutes and unversities.


Typical Application

Precision laser experiment/teaching Field


Customer revenue

● The high beam quality fiber laser used in laser cutting/scribing has little electrical influence on the chip, which can improve the scribing yield;

● It can work on wafers of different thicknesses, with better compatibility and versatility;

● It can cut some more complicated wafer chips, such as hexagonal die, etc.;

● No need of deionized water, there is no problem of tool wear, and it can be operated continuously for 24 hours.

Scribing equipment Traditional dicing method (grinding wheel) Laser scribing method (laser)
Cutting speed 5-8mm/s 1-150mm/s
Cutting line width 30~40 30~45
Cutting effect Easy break Smooth and flat, not easy to break
Heat affected zone Bigger Smaller
Residual stress Bigger Smaller
Requirements for wafer thickness 100 um以上 No thickness requirement
Adaptability Need to change tool Can adapt to different types of wafers
Loss Need deionized water, large loss Low loss

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