Shoe Industry

Shoe Industry

Program Overview

shoe industry

The shoe material industry includes shoe material scribing, shoe material cutting, shoe material marking and other processes.

Chanxan laser has more than ten years of machine practical applicantion expreicence unique to the industry.We have accumulated a weath of experience in appliaction technology.After several years of software and hardware development amd improvement,The intelligent all-round laser solution can systematically improve the craftsmanship and efficiency of the industry.

Typical Application

In the shoe industry, common laser applications are:shoe laser cutting,shoe  laser marking, shoe laser scribing,shoe engraving


Shoe surface carving


Laser cutting of shoes and shoe accessories


Shoe sole cement polishing,upper vamp hollowing


Precise marking of shoe mould


        Why choose us

1.process reduction and labor saving,supports computer input,easy to operate

2.High precision of line drawing,and it is not restricted by materials and styles stencil uniform high-speed jetting

4.High efficiency automatic drawing and cutting,two-head inkjet drawing firstly raw materials mould,no need die.ultra-high safety,on work-related accidents

Equipment Advantages

1. Replace the traditional shoe-making process of manual marking
2. A variety of inks can be selected, which can save more than 80% of the ink, and the drawing accuracy is high
3. It is automatic drawing lines while cutting,saving printing board,working procedures, mold cost,and fabrics

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